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New Deluxe IceZilla Lighting/Drip Kit!

Our new Deluxe Lighting/Drip Kit offers an easy approach for illuminating your IceZilla.

The Kit Includes:

  • IceZilla Lighting/Drip Tray
  • Lighting Compartment Insert
  • Waterproof LED (color of your choice)

The new Tray Insert (shown on the left) lifts the IceZilla unit above the Lighting Compartments, which makes the ice last longer since it's not sitting in its own water. The lighting cells also provide you with the ability to place your Waterproof LED lights right under your IceHoles (brrr).

You can even use multiple lights at once, combine different colors, and you can place them at various locations under the ice.

The Tray will collect the water as the IceZilla melts, making it possible to enjoy your IceZillas at banquets, parties, etc.

Lighting/Drip Kit, Only $7.99 $6.99