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User Guide

The IceZilla User Guide is updated regularly, and includes accessory guides, freezing instructions and troubleshooting tips. You may download an updated version here any time.

Ice Lab Analysis

The following chart shows the effects/benefits of the IceZilla as it applies to glass bottles, cans and plastic bottles. Comparison is made to a beverage bottle not benefiting from the cooling effects of the IceZilla as well as a bottle that is placed in a common "Koozie".

Please note that all of the beverages tested were taken from a refrigerator at the same time and started at a common temperature (43°F) before being subjected to different conditions. The IceZilla maintained its integrity for over five hours, and was able to provide cooling benefit to the beverages the entire time.

Within just 20 minutes (the average time someone takes to drink a 12-ounce beverage), the difference between the temperatures of beverages using, and not using the IceZilla is 17° (38° w/ IceZilla, and 55° without). The beverages held inside the IceZilla actually got colder from the moment they were put in it, while the other beverages steadily rose in temperature. Without using the IceZilla you end up with quite a bit of a warm beverage. Yuck!

These tests were conducted by our wonderful engineers at our lab in Ohio, using state-of-the-art temperature analysis equipment.

Emphasis was made to distinguish between the impact of warm temperatures on beverages benefiting from an IceZilla and beverages that were exposed to the elements at the same time.