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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of beverage containers will IceZilla hold?
A.Any container that can fit into the drink holders. Contact with the ice itself is what will keep your beverage nice and cold. Obviously, the deeper the beverage can sit in the holder, the more impact the ice will have on its temperature. Beer and soda bottles, 12 oz. beer cans, cups, and pint glasses tend to work great. See the findings in our Ice Lab section for details.
How long will it take to freeze all the way through?
A.Depending on the temperature of your freezer, it will take around 18-26 hours to freeze all the way through.
How do I get the ice block out of the mold?
A.You should let the mold sit out at room temperature for about 10-15 minutes. If the ice does not come out when you turn the mold over, you can pour a little cold water over the outside of the mold to speed its release. Additional details can be found in our User Guide.
How long will it take for the IceZilla to melt?
A.It all depends on the conditions where you have the unit. If it sits in direct sunlight on a hot day it might only last three hours. In the shade, we've had IceZillas last for more than 5 hours on some pretty hot days, keeping our drinks icy cold.
Can I use my IceZilla indoors?
A.Yes. We sell the perfect Indoor Lighting/Drip Tray. This tray captures and channels the water as the IceZilla slowly melts, and it offers the ability to use our lighting kits to illuminate the entire IceZilla. Now you can enjoy the IceZilla no matter where you are!
How many times can I use this mold?
A.The mold is made from a special plastic, and a patented design, that will expand and contract without wear and tear. If you follow the instructions in the User Guide, you will be able to enjoy the mold and your IceZillas over and over again.
How does the IceZilla lighting/Drip Kit work?
A.Our IceZilla Lighting/Drip Kit includes all of the things, and instructions, to create a beautiful illuminated ice sculpture to hold your beverages. It includes a special waterproof LED light that, when used with your Lighting/Drip Tray, will make it glow brightly. We have a number of different lighting colors available.
How long do the lights last? Can I reuse them or are they only good for one use?
A.The lights we provide can last up to 30 hours, can be turned on and off, and take replacement 2032 batteries (which we sell).
How much water should I put in the mold before I freeze it?
A.When filling the IceZilla mold, look for the lines at the top edge of each of the sides. These markings show you where to fill the water to so that it does not expand over the edges of the mold. The mold holds about 1.5 gallons.
Will this fit in my freezer?
A.Yes. Extensive (and awkward) research was done to find what the most commonly available depth was in modern home freezers. We found that 16" was the lowest common denominator, so we designed the IceZilla Mold to be only 15.5" in length.
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